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tv   Early Today  NBC  March 3, 2016 4:00am-4:31am EST

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five people are dead from this crash in the lehigh valley involving a car and a tractor trailer. next we'll update you on the traffic conditions around the scene right now. today philadelphia mayor jim kenney mentions the budget and he's about to get pushback and tracking snow. it's in the 20s right now ahead of the cold but sunny day. it's 4:00 a.m. good morning. you're watching nbc 10 news today.
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i'm tracy davidson. it's cold. >> the cold came in on those gusty winds yesterday, and this is what we have. this is pretty close to normal. a cold start and the temperatures are still falling and skies are clear which, of course, means we're going to sunshine too. a little breeze out of the northwest at 7 miles an hour. nowhere near as windy at 9:00. 33 degrees above freezing and a pretty good warmup. upper 30s today. but we'll start to watch some clouds moves into the area during the afternoon. and that will set the stage for snow coming in tonight. i'll go through the forecast neighborhood by neighborhood when i'm back in ten minutes. for now, jesse boynton. si. it's real early for this. you can see we have police activity there.
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it's over into the shoulder right now. several vehicles involved. you can see it trails up a little further up there, but the traffic headed northbound by this scene is still moving along just fine but with the several vehicles involved in police activity, it could be there for quite some time. also an update if you travel out here. there was a pretty serious accident. closing 222 around grim road. right now if you're heading out the door, you will be okay. >> as jesd ka juessica just sai, route 222 is open. this is in me kungy township. the car split in two. both sections were enif gulfed in flames. all five people in the car were killed. the driver in the tractor
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trailer was not hurt. autopsies will be performed today. the coroner says forensic testing must be done to positively identify the victims. it's 4:03. paying for philadelphia's prnt and future. for your the first time jim kenny will sell it. >> the city council will meet and during that meeting mayor jim kenney will sell his bunt. all to be funded by a proposed tax on sugary drinks. another topic, body cameras for police officers. that would be paid for by city and private money and there's plan to reduce the city waste tax in the next five years. all together the proposed budget would be a little over $4 billion. the mayor says he has spent the
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past several months and deciding where it will go. again, this is his first budget address. we've spoken to the mayor about some of his proposals. if now i'm live at city hall. matt due lee shah, n b "nbc 10 " news." kenney visited the library and read to kids and helped celebrate read across america. there's an app for your smartphones and tablets. police are following new leads in an old murder case. only nbc 10 was there as philadelphia police searched in an abandoned home yesterday. they're looking for evidence of
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69-year-old veto magglio. his burning suv was found in germantown and then later his nude body was found in the river. he had been shot in the head. jay paterno son of joe paterno has filed suit claiming he and others were unfairly linked to the child molestation scandal. 4:05. happening today, people in philadelphia have one more chance to weigh in on the proposed hike. tonight they'll hold a fifth and final hearing that calls for an $8 a month increase starting in july. that would be used to help with
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water breaks like this and help provide safe water. the meeting takes place at the ymca in north philadelphia. now from our south jersey bureau, people want answers after they found contaminated water. that problem happened in february of last year. the mayor says the contamination has since been cleared up and the public was never in any danger jer. the water in morristown has been contaminated before. officials closed one of the wells and now the town is outsourcing its water supply. >> i have three children and i want to know what i'm bathing them in and cooking their food with. it's upsetting. >> morristown officials notified the department of protection and they posted the findings days after the bacteria was found. a council meeting is scheduled for monday. this morning mainline health
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plaeps have reason to worry about their personal system. they were targeted as part of a spearfishing scheme. it appears to be from a person or company you know to get you to sechbd private information and in this case a main line responded and provided all information of others. there is a simple way to protect yourself from these kinds of attacks. >> the e-mail looks as if it came from somebody you know or oh pen tl cha will a company you know where if you look at the reply to e-mail it may show something otherwise and it's not actually going back to that person you thought it was. >> mainline health says it did not affect any of the patient information. drexel university is joining
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in on a project. the project called schuylkill yards will be built on the 14 acres. it features eight new high-rise build thags will include offices, residences, and retail space, plus parks and public areas. drexel's president talked about why expansion is so important. >> we're on the 50 yard line of the east coast in a major transportation hub directly opposite the nation's third business yeftd train station and seamlessly connected into philadelphia's business center. >> developers expect to start construction later this year. the project will create 10,000 construction jobs and 15,000 permanent jobs. eight minutes after 4:00. you're going have to bundle up this morning. it's much colder. the cold is back, and it's going to be a cold morning. we will see sunshine and make it
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into the 40s. it's in the midwest right now. we'll see some light snow developing overnight into tomorrow morning. a big warmup is on the way next week. the temperatures will soar, so we can say whatever. 23 degrees in doylestown. 27 in millville and they are back to making snow in the pocono mountains and beautiful camel back this morning. it was too warm for that yesterday but not this morning. the winds yesterday, they've settled down a bit, but they're still coming out of the northwest, so it's the cold air coming through the pocono mountains where the temperatures are in the teens, but with that wind it actually feels like it's just 2 degrees in the pocono mountains. looks at the teens. you'll definitely need a jacket and at the jersey shore 2rks 2. radar is completely clear right now. a few snow showers to the north. those are not going to be affecting us. this in the midwest is a
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different story. snow is falling in the chicago area. chicago and indiana and some rain too. and as is typical with storm systems like this, we're going to be right on the edge between the rain and the snow tomorrow morning. not today. you see sunshine and the clouds start to increase a bit this afternoon. 32. just above freezing in pocono, 41 in allentown. sunshine this morning into the low 40s. much less wind today at the shore. 39 in atlantic city and rehoboth beach up to 49. 40 for dover. plenty of sunshine and a quick warmup and the clouds start increasing for philadelphia, swedesboro, westchester fall the low 40s today. then it's going to get a little bit snowy overnight. i'll take a closer look at that coming into the area with the futurecast when i'm back in ten minutes. >> all right, bill. thanks. ten after 4:00. let's check in with jessica
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boyington. last time we checked, she was following an accident on 95. >> still active and approaching the berry bridge. it's on the north side. we have about three police officers on scene and several vehicles involved. another one actually right up ahead here, one, two, three, four at least looks like vehicles involve and the northbound lanes are still open and moving by the scene right now. we don't see any delays behind that and we will keep you updated on that scene, of course. here's northeast philadelphia where an accident is reported on the boulevard around grant avenue. construction is supposed to clear up arounding this hour. watch for cruise around market. sports authority files for bankruptcy protection. next we'll tell you which stores will be closing in our area and when. and former president bill clinton is working to get his
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wife hillary in the white house but next find out why some think his campaigning should land him behind bars.
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. what an awesome sight. nearly a year after being in space scott kelly is back home in houston. he arrived just after 2:00 this morning to get hugs from his girlfriend and two daughters, his twin brother retired astronaut mark kelly and gabby giffords. office dr. jill biden was there, all to greet him. it's 4:14. now to decision 2016.
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tonight the republican candidatcandidate s in the race to the white house will go head to head but what's happening before the debate is grabbing lots of attention. vai? >> good morning. with the reality setting in that donald trump could take the lead, they're calling on mitt romney. today he'll deliver a speech in utah. he's reportedly deeply concerned because trump is winning and is expected to go after the donald. romney is not expected to endorse a candidate nor announce his own candidacy. even though trump won 10 out of 11 states and is driving record republican turnout in almost every state, the gop establishment seems determined to stop him. more are speaking out against the candidate. >> reject trump and i'm encouraging other republicans to do the same today. >> if you don't know where you stand on the ku klux klan every
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time you're asked, even gotten a real problem supporting you. >> the anti-trum pack or principles pac will run ads in florida and michigan and others. ben carson says he s he will attend. he could formally leave the race on friday when he plans to discuss the future of his campaign. the next primary campaigns and caucuses will be in kentucky, louisiana. meantime hillary clinton's focus is now donald trump. she spoke with union trade workers where she called her strong super tuesday performance one for the history books. she blasted the tone of the rhetoric instead of criticizing
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her challenger bernie sanders. now to the clinton e-mail scandal. the justice department grants immunity to the former staffer who set up hillary clinton's server in her home while she was secretary of state. the "washington post" reports pagliano was the one who worked for her in 2008 and set up her server in 2009. campaign controversy. thousands of people have signed a petition saying former president bill clinton broke campaign laws by greeting voters inside a boston polling place on super tuesday and now they want him arrested. massachusetts law says people cannot campaign or influence decisions within 150 feet of a polling place. a spokesperson said his actions were legal because he never handed out material supporting his wife and did not prevent
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anyone from voting. >> in the next half hour, just call it "the look." hear fresh reaction to governor christie's facial expression that still has so many people walking. joaquin "el chapo" guzman wants to be extradited to the u.s. he says they won't let him sleep. they wake him up to check on him every four hours. he will plead guilty to the charges if it will get him a lighter sentence. soon malaysian air experts will get a closer look at a piece of debris. it was found along the east after ka coast in mow s. the debris brie will be looked
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at and then sent for a further investigation. meantime the sister of the pilot of the flight is still coping with the loss of her brother and the theory of his brother to blame. >> double dose. we grieve over his loss and then we have to put up with all the accusations coming from all the theories. >> there are allegations that her brother was a jihadist or suicidal and deliberately steered the plane off course. the pilots have not been linked to any wrongdoing. 20 minutes after 4:00 and it is cold outside. we've got the three t combination of clear skies, very dry air, and little to no wind. that's when they really come down. this time of year, we're in the
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20s. the normal low temperature is in the very low 30s, so we're very close to normal, but compared to yesterday, you can really feel the difference. 28 degrees colder this morning. clear skies. we'll see sunshine at the shore today. there are some clouds heading into the area, and we'll see a mix of rain and snow headed for the shore overnight tonight and into tomorrow. it's certainly cold enough but we will stay dry today. 23 for pottstown and millville. 27 in tom's river. plenty of cold and a weather advisory is in play for tomorrow. you see light snow starting to fall a little bit in northern illinois, extending into indiana, and there's also a rain component with this too. so warm air meets the cold air. during the day today it's going to stay well to the west.
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this is noontime today. the snow is still midwest into michigan. then the clouds will be increasing this afternoon and by this evening we're looking at mostly cloudy skies. at 8:00 very light snow showers moving into maryland and the snow finally arrives by 8:00 this evening. 11:00, 12:00, 1:00 in the morning. that's when we'll see light snow. this time tomorrow morning, it doesn't look all that bad but that may not be the end of it. right along the coast a better chance of precipitation. but as we go through the day tomorrow, the temperatures will be climbing. that will likely change over to rain at the shore and then it's pulling away from us tomorrow afternoon. for today, we don't have to worry about that storm at all. it's going to be cold to start with. we'll see sunshine at 9:00. that will warm us from the 28 degrees that we will experience first thing in the morning at 6:00. a little bit of a breeze at 9:00. by lunchtime, 38 degrees and still climbing. i think we'll make it into the
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lower 40s, which is a great. that's when the clouds start moving in. with clouds start moving in, the temperatures are going to get sealed in a little bit. so we'll preserve some of that warm air for tomorrow morning which is going to limit it. there are many indication. >> you're going to continue to watch the line, right? where there's rain? >> we could see snow in the morning commute. it doesn't look like it's going to be a show stopper tomorrow. >> be ready for it is what you're saying. >> yeah. i think so. >> now let's check your ride to work this morning. we've been watching that issue on 95, and when i say "we," i mean jessica boynton. >> right around 322 approaching the commodore berry bridge. it's headed northbound. also watch out in northeast
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philadelphia for an accident on the boulevard right around grand avenue and if you're headed out the door to philadelphia there are still closures there. drive time still looking okay. tracy. >> all right, jessica. thanks. this morning we're learning more about which sports authorities are closing as a result of the store filing for bankruptcy. over the next three months it will close 140 extorts including some in our area. stores will close in pennsylvania and new jersey along with wilmington. the closings put about 15,000 full and part-time jobs at risk. it's 4:23. an upgrade is on hold. why the new opener of trump's taj mahal is shelving plans to pump in much needed cash into the casino.
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and next, this student who's posing as a student imposter. and you heard bill say there's more snow on the way. make sure you follow us on twitter. we'll be updating you today, tonight, tomorrow morning. our addresses are right on the screen. tweet us. we'll tweet you right back. have a conversation with us this morning.
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it's 4:26. today they'll open their first alternative fuel. compressed natural gas is cleaner and cheaper than gas or diesel but few cars are equipped
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to use it still. well, the future of the trump taj mahal casino in atlantic city may depend on what happens with two proposed casinos in north jersey. the new owner says he's ghoingt to pump a lot of money in into it if the state approves two casinos in north jersey. he said yesterday in-state competition will devastate atlantic city. a vote is expected to pass. icahn had planned to invest. learn why think former school master could get out of prison p soon after being convicted of possessing child pornography.
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paying for pre-k and others, jim ken anyshares his bunt plans. now officials are aiming to make the small town even safer. and tracking snow. there's plenty of it here as we take a look at the ski resort in the poconos. snow will be falling here, tonight, and tomorrow morning. it's 4:30. good morning. this is n b "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. let's go to bill henley. >> you felt the cold yesterday afternoon and it's staying with us this morning. look at the temperature drop. we're running 29 degrees cold e down by 30 for mt. hly


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